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Red Gypsy Bohemian

Round Chair Pads with Ties Handmade Custom Colors

Round Chair Pads with Ties Handmade Custom Colors

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These round chair pads with ties are handmade to match your color scheme. 

Round chair pads with ties are a type of seat cover designed to fit on circular or oddly shaped chairs. They typically feature 2 ties or straps on the back to secure the pad in place. You may also opt for no ties by selecting the appropriate choice from the dropdown menu. 

Red Gypsy Bohemian custom made chair pads provide an aesthetically pleasing upgrade to your farmhouse dining room chairs or a vintage ice cream parlor chair passed down from your grandparents. Transform any of your special chairs by adding a  burst of color (or neutrals!) to match the room they are in.

Please note our round chair pads are not cushions. They are more suitable if you are looking to add a pleasing aesthetic to your sitting area. These are chair mats are flat and approximately 1/4" to 3/8" in thickness. While they may provide some comfort on a hard chair, this is not their main purpose.  


  • Sizes range from 10" diameter to 18"x18" round
  • Handmade to order
  • You choose your custom colors
  • Choose 2 tiebacks or no ties (if you need 4 ties for a barstool, click here)
  • Washable
  • Durable
  • You choose the size and quantity - price is per each
  • Free shipping to US customers


  • New and upcycled mostly cotton fabrics as available
  • Strong and durable cotton rope inner core


  • Measure your chairs and the size chosen should be no larger than the smallest measurement (ie: a 14x15" chair should be 14" round)
  • Choose your desired size in the dropdown menu
  • Choose your desired quantity. Price is per each. This is not a set
  • If you'd like specific color customization, please explain in the box. If you have photos to match, please upload those.
  • Give us 2-4 weeks to complete your custom order.  

    We use new and upcycled mostly cotton fabrics to achieve the desired results for your custom colors handmade chair pads. 


    Not sure what colors to request for your handmade chair pads? Here are some ideas from our most popular requests.

    • Mix of bright multicolors
    • Earth tones such as greens, browns, golds, oranges, tans and dark reds
    • Neutrals such as creams, tans, beiges, grays and maybe some black
    • Blues, greens and whites
    • Dark bohemian colors such as blues, maroon, golds, oranges and blacks
    • Summer colors such as those you'd see in a newly blooming flower garden
    • Black, white and gray


    • Cotton and other fabric types sourced new and from upcycled materials
    • Durable rope core


    you choose size. thickness approx. 1/4 to 3/8"

    Care Info

    • • Machine Washable (larger sizes may not fit in a standard washing machine and may require spot cleaning or other methods • We recommend air drying on a flat surface • We are not responsible for mishaps that may occur from caring for this item


    • • Custom made products are not eligible for refunds or returns • Please see our return policy for more detailed information


    Ships from the USA • please allow 2-4 weeks for us to make your custom order

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