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Red Gypsy Bohemian

Hippie Hair Wraps - Light Blue Multicolors

Hippie Hair Wraps - Light Blue Multicolors

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Add a light blue hippie hair wrap to dress up your dreads or choose the clip-in style for braids, curls or a temporary and festive hair accessory.

One single hippie hair wrap in light blue and multicolors.

These light blue hair wraps can be worn as a hair accessory by people with dreadlocks or regular hair. Red Gypsy Bohemian wraps are made with brightly colored yarn and are used to add decorative elements to the hair. These wraps are often worn as a fashion statement and come in a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns. They can be used to keep dreadlocks in place and looking tidy, or to add a touch of color or personality to an outfit. 

You choose length and clip in or loop style ends.

  • Loop ends work great for dreadlocks or braiding into hair. Bead is adjustable to keep the wrap in place. 
  • Choose the clip-in option if you have fine or straight hair.
  • Each one will be unique in style and colors as these are handmade. Colors may vary slightly from what you see in the pics.
  • Instructions on how to attach the loop end are included in the package. The clip-in is self-explanatory. It's a little barrette clip that you snap open.
  • Please choose your desired quantity. Price is per each. This is not a set or a pack.
  • These are washable and can stay in dreadlocks for an indefinite amount of time. They are also easily removable. Leave them in or take them out, it's all up to you.

Light blue and multicolors hair wrap. Quantity: 1. Handmade with various yarn colors, majority light blue with other shades and colors mixed in. If you'd like to specify your shades, please add those into the customization box before ordering.


acrylic yarn


you choose length, thickness approx. 1/4"

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