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Red Gypsy Bohemian

Hair Tassel, Handmade, MULTICOLOR, Qty: 1, Random Colorful Bohemian Hair Wrap

Hair Tassel, Handmade, MULTICOLOR, Qty: 1, Random Colorful Bohemian Hair Wrap

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Handmade Bohemian Hair Tassel, Hippie Hair Wrap Accessory, Dreadlock Accessory, Dread Falls, Bohemian Hair Charm Ateba. 

RANDOM colors, QUANTITY 1. Also an option to choose your colors if so desired. See top right near the Add to Cart button for Options. 

CHOOSE from 3 approximate size lengths: 8 inches long, 14 inches long or 18 inches long 

For Dreadlocks or Braids: the loop end is great for braiding into hair or attaching to existing dreads. These have an adjustable loop with metal bead at one end. Instructions are included in the package for how to attach to your hair.
For All Hair Types: choose the Clip In End for all other hair types. This is a clip (pictured) similar to a barrette that you can clip into or under sections of hair to hang the wrap however it best suits you. 

Made to Order. Boho Hair Tassel is a fun accessory that you can also use on your clothes, on your purse or to decorate your backpack, pocketbook, jacket or jeans. 

Unless otherwise specified, made from a random mix of multicolor fibers and yarns. Fuzzy, funky, bright colored purse tassel adds flair to your bohemian style. 

All Red Gypsy Bohemian products are handmade Bohemian style with a sprinkle of wild and a whole lot of love!

Boho Hair Fall, Hippie Hair Wrap



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