Fabric Baskets – Bohemian, Unique, Made from Upcycled Materials

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Fabric Baskets: handmade, unique, useful, stylish and the best gift ever!

Fabric baskets are part of an new trend that happily weaves the bohemian style into an awesome, unique gift item that anyone can use. Everyone loves baskets of any kind, and fabric baskets are colorful and durable. And they come in so many colors. You can match any style, like traditional, wild, colorful, coastal, shabby chic, conservative or crazy!

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Red Gypsy Bohemian fabric baskets have added appeal because of how they are made. These coiled, cloth beauties are hand sewn by Jeannie Pitt from repurposed clothing, instead of fabrics that are easy to buy at any craft or department store. The appeal of this process touches those who are eco-conscious, as well as anyone looking for a one-of-a-kind, handmade gift.

Floral Fabric BasketsRed Gypsy Bohemian Fabric Baskets are Eco-Friendly!

Jeannie acquires gently used clothing items from thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets. Sometimes, local lovelies are happy to contribute to the magic art of turning trash to treasure. In those cases, she happily accepts donated clothing and fabric items to use for her work. Strips of the fabric salvaged from colorful and uniquely patterned clothing items are coiled and sewn together. As a result, one-of-a-kind fabric baskets in every color you can imagine are possible. All colors of the rainbow, (including rainbow!) and camo, tie-dye, floral, conservative and plaid.

Jeannie handcrafts her fabric baskets, bowls, coasters, mats and rugs with so much love, and she adores the process from start to finish. She also accepts custom orders, so if you don’t see something you like, just ask and she’ll create it for you. If you’re looking for unique gift items for her or him, check out the ready-made selection available now, or put in your order for a custom choice of colors or patterns. Christmas is always coming, and birthdays, housewarmings and thank you occasions, too! Fabric baskets make the best gift choice for those people on your list.

Ideas for using fabric baskets for your home decor:

  • use to hold plants
  • display coffee table items neatly
  • hang on the wall as shelves for light items
  • arrange craft items on your shelves
  • use in drawers for holding socks/undergarments
  • add a splash of color to your home

Red Gypsy Bohemian fabric baskets are durable, washable and one-of-a-kind (in most cases), so check out the available selection now, or contact Jeannie with custom requests.

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