Custom Stair Treads, Handmade Braided Rug Style, Any Color and Style

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Custom Stair Treads, Braide Rug Style, Choose Your Style and Colors – Buy Now!

Custom stair treads, carpet runners, and rug runners for your steps are a fantastic addition to any home with a stairway. Your stairway will pop with bright colors and matching patterns, potentially making it a focal point of your home. No matter if your stairs are wooden, carpeted or stone, with cool custom stair treads and the proper non-slip solution, you’ll get a makeover, added safety and some pizazz for your home.

In fact, I can think of 3 reasons you might add stair treads to any indoor area with a wooden or metal staircase.

  1. To maintain the finish on your steps. High traffic homes, such as those where children or pets are present, can lead to scratched or dull steps.
  2. To avoid slipping. You could slip and sustain injury if  your staircase is made of any kind of smooth material. That’s no fun! You can increase the safety factor of your home by adding a non-slip material to any custom stair treads.
  3. To dress up your home. Custom stair runners are available in any color scheme or style of your choosing. I can show you an option you’ll love, whether you’re going for the rustic look. the cottage look, shabby chic, boho or hippie swag.

The custom stair treads shown above are samples of some of my work. I can do any color scheme/style that you’re looking for.

orange red custom stair treads

These stair runners are made from recycled clothing. Plaid flannel shirts are my favorite material to work with. You can see some of these colors in the pictures shown above. I can also do brights, florals, black/white, etc. You name it! These are sewn in a coiled fabric, braided rug fashion. The rugs are oval shaped, in the style of coiled or braided rugs, and I also offer custom in your choice of length/width/color.

Listing is per each. Please order the quantity of runners/stair treads that you will need for your space. I will need a conversation with you to complete your order. Or you can fill out the custom form on my Amazon website.

Please figure about 1 day per stair tread ordered. I will do my best to get them finished and shipped much faster than that.

Stair treads are made as shown. NO pads or non-slip material are included with my stair runners, so if you need something like this, non-slip carpet material is the answer. It’s available most anywhere and easy to cut to size, or you may find that some types of adhesive may also work well.

CUSTOM Stair Treads, Any Size, Any Color, Any Pattern. Oval Shaped Braided Rug Style Stair Runners, Stair Pads, Step Treads, Carpet Treads

Custom Stair Treads – Buy Now!

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