Custom Requests Welcome!

Custom Requests are My Favorite!

Red Gypsy Bohemian creations are made with love from upcycled clothing. Because of this unique material selection, (almost) every piece is One of a Kind, and all colors that you love are available. If you’ve got a special color scheme to match a room, a specific size requirement for the bathroom or coffee table, or you’re looking for an odd size rug, mat or otherwise, I can help!

Most of my products offer options for specifying color and size during the order process. If you need a special size or have a request for something I don’t offer, please fill out the form below. To take a peek at all my customizable products, CLICK HERE

I can make any size (up to 5 feet), and any color scheme you can dream up!

Mats, Round Rugs, Oval Rugs, Baskets, Coasters, Stair Treads

Contact me below and let’s create something together!

(please note, due to my current setup, I am limited to a max of 5 feet for round and oval rugs. Unfortunately at this time, I’m unable to make anything larger.)