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How To Attach Fabric Stair Treads To Your Steps

How do you affix your new stair treads to the steps?

If you've bought modern stair treads or colorful fabric stair runners without a non-slip backing, you might be wondering how in the heck to attach them to wooden, tiled or otherwise slippery steps. Although non-slip treads are available for purchase, these may not look good or fit in with the aesthetic you're going for. To combat this, there are a few ways to use the tread you have or want to buy on any step, regardless of texture.

Non-Slip Rug Tape 

The best option we've found is non-slip rug tape. This rug gripper tape sticks onto a stair and runner with a light adhesive and a material similar to those rubber mesh 'open a jar' handy kitchen grips. This works great on wooden stairs. Though it doesn’t stick permanently and may need readjustment occasionally, it may be just the thing to keep your family and pets safe on the stairway.


Easy Removal for Clean-up

When it comes time to remove the stair treads and clean the stairs, the non-slip gripper tape will come up easily but the adhesive may stay, along with grime attached to it. Soapy water will do the trick for this, but you'll likely need to reapply some fresh gripper tape. Fresh tape and a thorough cleaning every six months or so keeps the runners attached. This rug tape can be found online or at any hardware or department store.

Double Stick Tape to the Rescue

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If you need an even more secure solution to be absolutely positive those new stair treads aren't going anywhere, double stick carpet tape is your friend. This has a better stickability than the above rug gripper tape, however if you're concerned about the finish on your stairs or your steps are painted, tape may pose a problem. If you're really not sure what to do or what your best options might be for your particular situation, we recommend a conversation with a hardware store professional.

A More Permanent Solution

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For a more permanent - and less removable solution to sticking down your new stair treads, go for nails or carpet tacks. However, if you walk around your house barefoot and your treads are thinner, such as our jute stair treads, this method has a high likelihood of ending in foot pain. If you're up for the risk and you can locate carpet tacks or nails which should secure your treads for life. Keep in mind, in addition to possibly causing harm to your feet, this method will also harm your stairs and leave holes in the finish. Done by a professional using the proper carpet tacks however, this solution might be perfect for you.

A Sticky Mess

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Another alternative is spray adhesive or spray glue for attaching your stair treads. This type of adhesive usually comes in cans similar to spray paint and can be found in the craft section of most department stores. It comes cheap, and the treads are easily removable, but the biggest problem with craft spray adhesive specifically is the sticky mess it leaves behind compared to its strength -- not a good ratio. If you plan to stick your runners down for good and you aren’t worried about removing them for cleaning, this may be a solution.

Final Words

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A new set of funky, fun bohemian stair treads have so many benefits for your home. If you're still considering why you might need new or replacement runners for your steps, here are some thoughts to ponder:

  • Fabric treads add a beautiful burst of color to your stairway making it the focal point of your room
  • Custom treads can tie colors together between two rooms
  • Non-slip runners provide relief for a dog who is having trouble on your slippery steps or is afraid to climb the stairs at all
  • If you have oddly-sized steps or just a few in a small staircase, we can help.

Check out our selection of custom stair treads and runners to see if we can make something especially for you, your family and your home.

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