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wild gypsy bohemian rugs

Wild Bohemian Rugs

Coiled rugs in brightly or neutral colors. Your choice. Shop now to find exactly what you're looking for or customize your own to match the color styles that inspire you the most!

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colorful storage baskets

Baskets and Storage Solutions

Coiled baskets are not only a practical storage solution, but they also add a touch of style and texture to any space. These beautiful and unique baskets can be used to store a wide range of items, from blankets and pillows to toys and crafts.

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carpet stair treads for steps

Stair Treads

Is your dog afraid to go up and down the stairs? Does your staircase need a pop of color. Whether safety, aesthetic or both are at the top of your mind, we've got a range of stair treads to choose from. We can even customize colors and sizes to fit your steps perfectly.

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Did you know?

Many of the bohemian decor items at Red Gypsy Bohemian can be customized to your color specs. Simply click the item you want and specify in the customization box the colors you're looking for. If you have photos for us to match, you can upload those, too!

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    When can I expect to receive my item?

    Items vary in lead times and shipping times. Custom orders take up to 4 weeks to complete, but we strive to make it sooner. Some non-custom items are shipped from countries outside the US.

    Please check the item page for more detailed information or you can contact us with questions on a specific item. 

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    Are your products machine washable?

    Many of our handmade products are machine washable, though a larger piece may not fit in a standard size washing machine. Only use cleaning products that are safe for clothing or similar materials. We recommend air-drying flat. Spot cleaning may be necessary for larger pieces.

    We do not recommend machine washing our rope only mats and rugs.

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    How do I attach stair treads to my steps?

    Our custom stair treads do not come with adhesive. You have several options for attaching them to your stairs depending on your needs and the original stairs they will go on.

    The best option we've found is non-slip rug tape.

    See a detailed article with more info